Spirit Airlines takes off at KCI

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sacrificing comfort for cash, there is a new, super cheap airline is now flying in and out of Kansas City.

Spirit airlines took off for the first time Thursday at KCI. It offers non-stop flights to Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Detroit and Las Vegas.

KCI is the first airport in the U.S. to add Spirit since the company rebranded. Remember that huge crop circle that was spotted back in July? Yep, that was Spirit Airlines.

The company's naked person icon represents Spirit's "bare fares". Meaning, when you book a flight, that's literally all you get.

Everything from picking your seat to carry-ons is extra.

Spirit has a bit of a bad reputation. It was recently ranked one of the worst airlines in the world.
Passengers complain about delays, small seats, and extra fees; but the airline is trying to turn things around.
It recently gave customers a chance to vent by offering thousands of free miles for online complaints about bad flight experiences.

Do you really save that much with Spirit?

By comparing flights from KCI to Las Vegas for next weekend- It would cost $134 with Spirit. The same trip with Delta? $525. Over at Southwest airlines the flight is a whopping $880.

Of those airlines, each allows free carryon’s- except for Spirit. You'll have to fork over $45 to $100 extra - but still that's cheaper than all the others. You can, however, bring a personal item about the size of a small backpack on for free. That's about the size of a medium purse.  


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