FAA, pilots warn of dangers of laser holiday lights

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Consumers are being warned that holiday laser lights can pose a threat to the flying public. 

Sunday night, three pilots reported that their planes were hit by laser lights.

KCI Aviation experts working with police tracked the laser lights to a holiday display three miles from KCI.

No one was injured in these incidents. However, the FAA reports if a laser distracts or temporarily blinds a pilot the consequences could be deadly.

The homeowner near KCI was aiming his holiday laser light into the sky to light up a tree on his property.  He told police he had no idea he was endangering the public.

Captain Gregg Bourden is a helicopter pilot.

"There are a lot of lasers out there and it's becoming more of a problem," said Captain Bourden. 

He’s seen the laser light displays around Kansas City, but none that have been a problem for him.

"As long as they are installed properly, it's not really an issue,” he said. “The problem is more if the people that install them made it so that the lights are going above the roofline of the house and then of course all those lights above the roofline are going into outer space."

KCI aviation experts are reminding the public to aim their laser lights at a house or at the ground and make sure the light is not pointing into the sky.



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