Why wait? 5 things to buy in November

(NBC News) - Black Friday is still weeks away but you don't have to wait until then to get some good deals.


Seasonal sales are no surprise if you don't mind the look. Pumpkin peeps and candy corn still taste the same in November, but they won't take as big a bite out of your wallet.

But you can also find a great deal on a different type of candy -- the kind you might use for the next holiday.

"We try to run deals and sales on items that we sell a lot of like coating chocolates," says candy store employee John Maksel. "People make their own candy around the holidays and what we like to do with that is we like to offer great sales... 10, 20, 30 percent off those items."


Offering discounts on items already in high demand is a no-brainer for a lot of businesses.

Take cookware for example. With Thanksgiving coming this month, stores know you're likely in the market and they want to lure you to their location.

"So I think people are always looking for sales at the holiday, and cookware is often featured in sales at that time of the year," says cooking store employee Rebecca Fennimore.


Wedding dresses are the opposite though. They're not always in high demand in November. Instead, Bridal shops are busy getting ready for the next season, which means they need to make room by getting rid of last year's line.

"December, product is already being received," says Janell Verte, bridal store employee. "So we want the things off our shelves by Thanksgiving."

That can mean up to 40% off, or extra incentives like deals on accessories.


The same mentality goes for travel all across the map. The beginning of November can be slow, shipping savings your way.

"Hotels might have a lot of excess inventory so they drop the price, or a cruise line has a lot of extra cabins and they drop the price," says travel agent Shawn Dalani.

And now is the time to book summer vacations.

"The further in advance that you purchase something... the better deal that you're gonna get," says Dalani.


But if you're staying home for the holidays, November is the best time to buy furniture.

"Everybody starts to go inside so everybody starts to look at the interior of their house and think, ‘oh my gosh it's time for us to get a new sofa; it's time for us to get some new end tables; it's time for us to really freshen up,'" says Linda Burke, furniture store employee

Cash discounts, deals on financing. It's all on the table all month long.