Ford jobs announcement: by the numbers

CLAYCOMO, Mo. - Here is a breakdown of the announcement by Ford today of more workers coming to the Claycomo Assembly Plant.

Ford invested $1.1 billion in the plant to handle productions of two lines, the Ford F-150 pickup and the Ford Transit van.

The additions to the facilities so the plant can produce the new Transit van will be done by Summer 2013 .

Ford will bring back 1000 employees that have been on temporary leave from the plant while the transit additions were installed.

Ford will hire 1000 new employees to work at the Claycomo plant. These new employees will be trained at the plant as well.

The lines for the plant's biggest seller, the Ford F-150 pickup, will have 900 new workers .

There will be 1,100 jobs that will be involved with the assembly of the new Transit van.

New employees of the plant will see starting wages from $15.78 per hour.

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