Gas prices jump 25 cents in two weeks

Gas prices are on the rise once again, and experts from estimate we won't see a break in gas prices until mid June.

In just two weeks' time, gas prices have risen 25 cents. That's the largest two-week increase in two years.

Wholesale prices are increasing and now those costs are being passed on across the country.

Monday's national average for unleaded gas is $3.59.

In the Metro, those prices are just a bit below the national average. Independence posted $3.35 gas Monday morning, while Clay County prices loomed near $3.49. Wyandotte and Johnson Counties posted the highest prices at $3.57.

Gas experts say prices should increase through mid-February, then even out, only to spike again in March.

The Huffington Post asked Americans where they cut back when gas prices rise. The top answers: they decide to dine out less; others spend less at the grocery store and the third most popular option is to cut back on entertainment, particularly seeing movies at the theatre.

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