Kansas City, Downtown Council discuss parking improvements for the downtown area

KANSAS CITY, Mo - Parking patterns in downtown Kansas City, Mo., are changing, and city officials want to keep up with the movement.

Friday morning, more than two dozen downtown business owners, residents and city officials gathered to discuss downtown parking. 

Sean O'Byrne is Vice President for Business Development, with the Downtown Council. 

O'Byrne said the Development Council and the city are working together to create a comprehensive street management system. 

O'Byrne said the downtown environment has changed, as well as the use patterns over the past few years.

"It's no longer just an office environment. We've got 20,000 residents, we have entertainment, we've got visitors, we've got convention business, and we have an office component," O'Byrne said. "So, it's truly become a 24-hour city."

Those attending voiced concerns about parking signage, aesthetics, traffic flow and too many different parking regulations, as well as downtown employees using on-street parking instead of garages.

O'Byrne said Kansas City is being proactive with this project. The city hopes for a visitor-friendly environment and utilization of the parking, and a fair rotation of the parking inventory.  

The city wants to be pro-business and pro-visitor, but yet still protects the rights of the retailers and business owners. 

The Development Council is also planning meetings in other business sections of Kansas City.

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