Sallie Mae offers iPhone and Android apps to help kids prepare for the cost of college

Sallie Mae, a financial services company specializing in education, has introduced a few iPhone and Android apps kids can begin using as early as their pre-school years to learn how to plan and save for college.

The "Max U" app helps high schoolers compare costs at different colleges and dig out the documents and information needed to accurately complete a FAFSA form.

The "Big Dreamers" app allows teenagers to identify the steps they may need to take in order to get to their dream career, as well as what they may make someday if they are offered the job.

The "Big Start" app teaches pre-school and elementary students the importance of saving money, even if it is in small increments. The app attempts to show younger kids how much their little steps can accomplish.

You can download the apps on Sallie Mae's site.



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