NASCAR's night ticket sales exceed daytime races

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The stock cars at the Kansas Speedway's first night NASCAR race don't have headlights, but drivers and fans won't have any problem seeing the action.

Friday morning, the driver of the No. 15 Toyota Camry, Clint Bowyer, told fans he was looking forward to a cooler drive and excited fans.

"Speeds are always higher. The cars look awesome in the lights, sparks, flames and everything else. For whatever reason, the night race always brings more excitement," Bowyer said.

Speed enthusiasts from 49 states and nine countries are visiting Kansas Speedway this weekend for the 5-hour Energy 400 Sprint Cup race.

Ticket sales have already exceeded NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series sales from April 2013.

Pat Warren, the president of the Kansas Speedway, can't disclose specific revenue numbers but expects an increase in fans in the grandstand on Saturday evening.

"We're seeing a real uptick in demand, increased sales. We are going to have a great crowd tomorrow night. A night race really looks and feels different for fans,” he said. “I've told people it's like NASCAR meets Monday Night Football.”

It’s an experience race fans are looking forward to. Robert Tindal has been a NASCAR fan for years but decided to gas up his RV and camp out for the first time this weekend because he wants his entire family to enjoy the evening race experience.

"We have two young daughters. We figured with the night races it might be a little easier to let them sleep," Tindal said.

Kansas Speedway has 1,695 light fixtures to help illuminate the track for drivers and fans; that's the equivalent of more than 19,000 blocks of neighborhood street lights.

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