How unusual is this lack of Summer heat?

Five days in a row of 70-degree temps in KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you listen closely, you can hear your wallet thanking you. With a string of 70-degree temperatures in Kansas City this week, many turned off their air conditioners and opened up the windows. It's a joy for those who will be opening up their electric bills next month. However, for those hoping to spend the day at the pool, it's not ideal. With all that said, you might be asking "is it that unusual for it to be this cool in July?". Well, yes!

Take a look back at just last year (2013) alone. By July 18th, we already saw 13 days of 90° or warmer. And the hottest day was on July 9th, when it climbed to 98°.
Compare all that to this year: just four days of 90° or warmer and the hottest day has only been 92°.

To take that back one step more, in 2012 we had 14 days in July of triple-digit temperatures. And it was on this day in 2012 where we hit 106°. I don't think may are missing those days much.

One more fact about the weather pattern this week: the last time Kansas City saw five day in a row of 70-degree temperatures in July was back in 2004; ten years ago. This just goes to show the odd weather pattern for 2014 continues for our area. When will summer return? It may be in the near future. For the latest forecast from the 41 Action Weather team, click this link.

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