Asphalt plant causes fear for families' health

Residents, city sue state over asphalt plant

GRANDVIEW, MO - Grandview, Mo., is the type of city people settle down in.

"I've lived here all my life," Kathy Sutoris, president of the Concerned Citizens for Air Inc., said.

It's the place Sutoris expects to call home for generations to come.

However, for the past year, a neighbor has challenged all of that with a view that's not very grand to look at, or pleasant to smell.

"It's like a burning tire," she said.

However, the problem isn't just esthetic. For Sutoris and others in Grandview, the Ideker asphalt plant is a health threat.

"Ten years from now, my grandchildren will have lung issues and problems because of this plant," she said.

"Lung problems of all sorts are just brought on by the participants, by the dust," Dennis Randolph, public works director for the city of Grandview, said.

Sutoris has joined the City of Grandview in a lawsuit against the Missouri Department of Natural Resources claiming they gave a permit to the plants owners despite any health risks.

"We're concerned that all the rules for permitting have somehow been jumbled up and we're not sure what's happened" Randolph said.

The city has gathered their own air quality tests and says their results show pollutants could lead to lung problems, asthma even heart attacks.

We reached out to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the plant's owners for a comment, but have yet to hear back and with two schools less than a mile away, it's not just a threat to Sutoris' family, and it's a threat to her home.

"It's real hard for someone who's lived here all my life to think about having to avoid where I live," Sutoris said.

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