Clay County Deputies check in on sex offenders

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. - It’s a big job, but someone’s got to do it.

In Clay County, Mo., alone, there are 325 registered sex offenders. It’s the job of the Sex Offender Registration Enforcement Unit, a team of two deputies, to check in with all of them. 

Wednesday, they took 41 Action News along on one of their routine sweeps.

It’s a tedious task. Deputies go door-to-door to make sure sex offenders are following the rules.

The check list is a pretty long one. They have to make sure offenders are in compliance with Missouri laws. Those laws dictate where offenders can work, volunteer and live. It also requires offenders to register as a sex offender online.

Deputies tell us, thanks to frequent checks, they’ve built good working relationships with most offenders. Most will answer the door when deputies knock, even know them by name, and follow all the requirements.

However, on the first stop of our ride-a-long, 41 Action News saw the other side of that coin.

The offender who was living at the home had moved out without notifying authorities.

“Unfortunately from time to time, an offender is not where they say they’re living and that will generate a criminal report that may result in a felony charge,” Cpl. Tracy Wade, Clay County Sheriff’s Office, Sex Offender Registration Enforcement Unit said.

Sex offender registries are public information. You can find out if an offender is living in your neighborhood by going to the Missouri Highway Patrol by clicking here or, if you live in Clay County, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, click here .

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