Dream come true for Oklahoma team manager Nathan Mitcham after #DressNathanOut Twitter campaign

Celebs tweet in support of Owasso teen

OWASSO, Okla. - It's the kind of feel-good story that's unique to the world of sports.

Five years ago this could have never happened, at least not the way it did.

On Tuesday night, at an Oklahoma high school basketball game, a dream came true, and at least in-part. Twitter was responsible.

It was the talk of the town this week in Owasso, Okla.

"We had our talent show the other day," said one student. "And at the end of a rap, the kids said 'Who's ready for Dress Nathan Out'? And everybody went wild."

Dress Nation Out, or #DressNathanOut rather...

It was a simple tweet from Owasso basketball dad Michael Lambert, who wanted to see team manager, Nathan Mitcham, who has an intellectual disability, suit up for the Rams.

Owasso's star point guard Jaylen Lowe knew just how to make it happen.

"I just started tweeting about it, saying 'Nathan gets buckets, and Nathan deserves it'," said Lowe.

Many of Lowe's 1,300 Twitter followers took up the cause, and before you knew it #DressNathanOut had celebrity endorsements from Kevin Durant, Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton.

"I don't know how the celebrity thing got started, but all of a sudden I see myself tweeting Kevin Durant," said Lowe.

Head basketball coach Mark Vancuren's daughter clued him in to the campaign.

"I don't have a Twitter account or anything, and then my daughter said, 'Uh, Dad, there's something going on you probably oughta know about'," said Vancuren.

Tuesday's game became a can't-miss event.  Fans began filling the gym nearly four hours before tipoff.

Before the game, Mitcham said, "Everybody here and all over the basketball gym will go 'yay' for me."

So how did he do?

With about four minutes left in the game, Coach Vancuren sent Mitcham in as chants from the crowd filled the gym.

After a few misses, Mitcham scored the shot he'll likely remember forever -- a jumper.

Moments later, a three.

And then another.

"That was the loudest I've ever heard this gym," said one fan.

The crowd lifted Mitcham on their shoulders and carried him off the floor, celebrating the 75-55 win over Sand Springs and Mitcham's outstanding feat.

"It was all worth it, the whole Twitter thing," said Lowe.  "I mean, I didn't know he was gonna be this good but I'm glad he was because he deserves it."

In addition to the 8 points, Mitcham scored a personalized Oklahoma City Thunder jersey that was presented to him before the game.

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