Parents charged with murder in case of baby found in concrete

CASS COUNTY, Mo. - The parents of a baby found encased in concrete in their Pleasant Hill, Mo., home are now facing murder charges. If found guilty on the murder charges, both Krystal and Matthew Scroggs could face life in prison.

On Nov. 4, police were called to Matthew's house on S. Cline Street on reports of illegal drug activity and a stolen vehicle.

It was also reported that a woman in the home had recently been pregnant and her baby was dead. The report said that Scroggs had disposed of the body. 

When police arrived, they found a white Mercury Grand Marquis in the driveway that was reported stolen from Kansas City. Scroggs was taken into custody at that time.  When asked about the illegal drug activity, Scroggs told police where they could find paraphernalia and consented to a search of the home, according to the statement.

That was when officers found a blue bucket in the detached garage, along with illegal drug paraphernalia and marijuana. Authorities said the concrete appeared to be freshly poured, and three empty bags of cement mix were found nearby.

The prosecutor said according to the parents, the child had trouble breathing unless he was bounced and refused to eat. The Scroggs also claimed they went to bed and when they woke up, the baby had died.

According to court documents released Tuesday, the baby died from complications due to methamphetamine intoxication. The probable cause statement said Krystal admitted to police that she had used methamphetamine and marijuana throughout her recent pregnancy; Matthew said he had also been using drugs during that time. Prosecutors said Matthew even did an internet search on consequences of meth during pregnancy.

"They failed to get medical care for that child when the infant was born," Cass County Prosecutor Teresa Hensley said. "They know or had reason to believe that there was methamphetamine in his system and it's what the murder charge is based on."

Four children at the Scroggs’ residence had hair follicle samples collected and tested for the presence of methamphetamine, all of which tested positive for the presence of the drug.

Matthew was taken into custody Feb. 20. 

Police do not know the whereabouts of Krystal. If you have any information, please call police.

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