911 transcript chronicles confusion in finding injured AT&T tech

GLADSTONE, Mo. - The transcript of a 911 call to Gladstone Police chronicles 30 minutes of searching and confusion as emergency workers tried to find injured AT&T technician Kevin Mashburn.

AT&T officials confirm that his work vehicle, which he had locked himself in after he was attacked, was equipped with a GPS system. However, that was never mentioned in the 19-page transcript.

Read the full transcript: http://bit.ly/S4ibTJ

Kansas City Police contacted Gladstone dispatchers regarding the assault on Sept. 19 at 3:12 a.m. Mashburn was not located until 3:42 a.m. While he was still breathing when officers got to the scene, he did not survive.

The address emergency responders were first told Mashburn should be was 3133 NE 59th Terrace, which is the office for the Kendallwood Apartments.

They arrived at the office five minutes after the 911 call came in. The following transcript details the difficulty emergency workers had finding Mashburn.

3:17:23 a.m. Radio 258 (a responding Gladstone Police officer): We are 10:23. What's the address he's at?

3:17:28 a.m. Gladstone Dispatcher #1: 3133 NE 59th Terrace 3133 NE 59th Terrace

3:17:36 a.m. Radio 258: Okay, that's the office. His truck is not in front of there. We'll be checking the area for it.

3:17:41 a.m. Gladstone Dispatcher #1: 10:4. He stated he had his orange beacon on top of the van going.


3:19:32 a.m. Radio 258: Call his supervisor back and see if there is like a list of addresses he is supposed to service because we are not finding him.

According to the transcript, calls to both Mashburn's cellphone and his AT&T supervisor went unanswered at 3:20 a.m. The supervisor was reached three minutes later while he was on the way to the scene.

3:23:32 a.m. Gladstone Dispatcher #1: My partner is trying to call (Mashburn) right now. I was wondering if he gave you more of a description of where he was. Do you have a list of any other places he was servicing there?

3:23:35 a.m. AT&T Supervisor: Yes, let me find. Yes, I know we do but I don't have it in front of me because I was driving to the location where he was working at. Hold on one second.

He told the dispatcher that Mashburn's job was at 5820 NE Kendallwood.

Less than one minute later, another AT&T worker identified as "AT&T Amanda" was on the line and said that Mashburn was actually sent to 2850 NE Kendallwood. She was communicating with Mashburn through AT&T's instant messaging service that was in his truck. At 3:27 a.m., he told her he was honking his horn so the emergency workers could find him.

They couldn't hear him.

3:30:18 a.m. Gladstone Dispatcher #1: Our officers are still looking. They haven't found anything yet.

3:30:20 a.m. Radio 258: I'm pulling out my map for the rental properties.

3:30:21 a.m. AT&T Supervisor (to dispatcher): Oh you're kidding?

3:30:22 a.m. Gladstone Dispatcher #1: No.

At 3:32 a.m., AT&T Amanda said she called both Mashburn's work and personal cellphones, but got no answer. By this point, four Gladstone Police officers were searching for Mashburn across the apartment complex.

3:32:50 a.m. Gladstone Dispatcher #1: Are you guys possible to ping his cellphone?

3:32:54 a.m. AT&T Amanda: I don't have a way to.

3:32:56 a.m. Gladstone Dispatcher #1: You don't have a way to do that?

3:32:59 a.m. AT&T Amanda: We're not that useful.


3:33:33 a.m. AT&T Supervisor: It's amazing you can't find this guy.

It had now been 41 minutes since Mashburn instant messaged AT&T dispatchers that he was attacked. According to court documents, he sent the first message to AT&T Amanda asking her to call him an ambulance at 2:52 a.m. He also instant messaged someone identified as "Gracie" at 2:55 a.m.

No one at AT&T responded until 3:11 a.m. Gracie said she had been in a meeting.

Read the log of AT&T instant messages: http://bit.ly/VRKy5Z

While Gladstone Police were searching for Mashburn, he continued to instant message Gracie. At 3:25 a.m., he told her he was badly hurt with his head split open. At 3:32 a.m., she encouraged him to keep honking the horn to help them find him.

As he waited, she told him they were all praying for him.

At 3:35 a.m., AT&T Amanda gave dispatchers the exact address of the cross-box she believed he was working at, 2601 Kendallwood.

Six minutes later, as officers were still searching for Mashburn, another 911 call came in.

3:41:20 a.m. Gladstone Dispatcher #1: Gladstone 911. Can you please hold?

3:41:20 a.m. Resident: Sure.

3:41:32 a.m. Gladstone Dispatcher #1: Okay sorry about that. What's going on? 

3:41:33 a.m. Resident: There's a truck next to us on...NE 57th Terrace and he seems to be injured. [Redacted] thinks he was shot.

3:41:43 a.m. Radio 247: 247, we found



3:42:25 a.m. Gladstone Dispatcher #2: Med 2 Engine 2 they have located the subject.


3:44:43 a.m. Radio 258: 58, he is breathing at this point. We need EMS over here.

Mashburn was found in a grassy area behind a shopping center at NE 57th Terrace and Antioch -- half a mile from the Kendallwood Apartments office where officers were first sent. He later died from his injuries.

Capt. Jeff Self, with the Gladstone Police Department, said all parties involved made every effort to find Mashburn.

"It's pretty clear from our transcripts that everybody involved was trying frantically to find this man and get help to him," he said.

AT&T offered a $100,000 reward for tips in Mashburn's death. On Sept. 22, someone called the TIPS Hotline, claiming a former cell mate of his, 35-year-old Bryan J. Middlemas, had confessed to killing Mashburn.

On Sept. 23, Middlemas was charged with first-degree murder in Mashburn's death. According to the probable cause statement, Middlemas attacked Mashburn with a pry bar while trying to steal his wallet.

Middlemas pleaded not guilty to armed criminal action, first-degree attempted robbery and first-degree murder in Clay County Court on Monday. During his arraignment, the judge said he could face two life sentences in jail or the death penalty plus fifteen years.

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