Atchison County Sheriff's Department helps plan funeral for David Enzbrenner

ATCHISON, Kan. - Blue ribbons are posted in front of the Atchison Police Department.  They honor fallen officer Sgt. David Enzbrenner.

Monday morning was the first day back to work for Atchison officers.

"We have counselors on hand to talk with any staff that would like to express their feelings," said City Manager Trey Cocking.

He said staff members will miss Enzbrenner's calm head.  Cocking said the veteran sergeant always knew how to keep the peace.

"He was the one that when everyone got excited he had that calming presence that is one thing I really appreciated about him," said Cocking.

Atchison County Sheriff John Calhoon said he also remembers a calm Enzbrenner.

"I don't ever remember him getting real mad," said Calhoon.

Calhoon said he is helping with funeral preparations.  He said law enforcement officers from all over the region are expected to attend.

"This will be a funeral the family and officers can be proud of," said Calhoon.

The sheriff is pulling double duty.  He said his investigators are also trying to figure out why Skyler Barbee shot Enzbrenner.

"We are out in the field right now conducting additional interviews today and we will of course have to wait for toxicology reports autopsy reports to see what all may have played a factor," said Calhoon.

The funeral will be held Thursday morning at 11 a.m. at the Ralph Nolan Gymnasium at Benedictine College.

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