Belcher Report reveals early threat to Kasandra Perkins

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A report just released Tuesday from the Kansas City Police Department reveals Jovan Belcher sent a text message to another woman claiming to harm Kasandra Perkins if she didn't leave him alone.

The other woman lived at the apartment building in Hyde Park where police found Belcher passed out in his car on Dec. 1, hours before Belcher shot and killed Kasandra Perkins and then himself.

Police asked that other woman if Belcher had ever threatened the mother of his child. She admitted that in late October or early November he texted her saying "he would shoot her if she didn't leave him alone." That woman stated that she took the text from Belcher as a joke. But on Dec. 1, Belcher proved he meant it.

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His mother later told police that she heard Belcher and Perkins arguing that morning about one or both of them partying. Belcher's mother said the couple often argued about finances. She then heard several shots and ran downstairs, carrying the couple's baby.

She found Belcher kneeling next to Kasandra on the floor of the bathroom, telling her he was sorry and kissing her on the forehead. He then ran to his mother, said "I'm sorry" again, kissed his mother and baby and sped away in his Bentley.

Chiefs General Manager Scott Pioli told police he was driving into the team practice facility parking lot when he found Belcher with a gun.

Belcher said, "I'm sorry, Scott. I've done a terrible thing to my girlfriend already. I want to talk to Gibbs and Romeo."

Romeo Crennel told police he came rushing out after seeing a missed call from a blocked number. He thought that call must have come from Pioli. When Crennel called Pioli, he screamed, "Get down here right now! Jovan's got a gun to his head!"

Crennel pleaded with Belcher to put the gun down but he kept screaming back, "I f***d up and it's too late! Take care of my baby." 

Crennel and Pioli told police that right before Belcher pulled the trigger, he formed a cross over his body with his left hand while he held the gun to his head with the right.

The medical examiner later reported that among several tattoos on Belcher's body, a praying hand wrapped in a rosary was on his bicep and rosary beads were tattooed around his neck.

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