Court documents: Bishop Finn said 'Boys will be boys' when told of Ratigan's pornographic photos

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bishop Robert Finn's response when told about nude pictures found on Rev. Shawn Ratigan's computer was reportedly, "Boys will be boys," according to court documents filed on Thursday.

The documents cited the August 17 deposition of Julie Creech, the IT director for the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. In the deposition, she described confronting Finn about the naked images of young girls she found on Ratigan's computer.

"Finn did indicate that...sometimes priests do things they shouldn't," Creech said in the deposition. "He said, 'Sometimes boys will be boys.'"

She was deposed for a civil case filed in Jackson County by the parents of one of the girls Ratigan was charged with photographing and abusing.

UPDATE | On Friday, Aug. 8, Creech's attorney issued the following statement:

The statement Julie Creech attributed to Bishop Finn during her deposition that "boys will be boys" is not consistent with her recollection of any conversations she had with the bishop concerning the Shawn Ratigan matter. Following the deposition, Julie realized she had misspoken. She understood that pursuant to the rules of civil practice, she would receive a copy of the deposition transcript and have the opportunity to acknowledge and correct her mistaken testimony. Because the deposition was so recently completed, Julie has not yet had a chance to do that, so we were certainly surprised to learn that an unverified copy of her testimony was attached to a pleading in a civil case.

Ratigan pleaded guilty to four counts of producing child pornography and one count of attempting to produce child pornography earlier this month.

According to the lawsuit, Creech requested a meeting with Finn after hearing rumors that she had supposedly said she hadn't found any lewd pictures on Ratigan's computer.

In the deposition, she said that Finn wasn't specific about what course of action he and the diocese would take against Ratigan. She also said she thought Finn didn't understand how she was feeling because he didn't see the actual pictures she'd found.

"I think I was upset in a different way than he was because of what I had seen," Creech said, adding that she "didn't get the gist that he had seen anything."

Both Finn and the diocese were charged with the two misdemeanor counts for failing to report that they suspected Ratigan of child abuse in October 2011. 

Read the indictment here:


That trial is set for September 24.

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