Car stolen from gas station with child in back seat

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The kindness of strangers reunited a Kansas City, Kan., mother with her three-year-old daughter after her car was stolen at a nearby gas station with the child inside.

"She stopped here and like, three seconds later she turned her face and the car was gone. She was crying ‘My baby is in the car!'" BP store clerk Raad Alaswi said.

Alaswi called 911 as the mother ran after her car.

Jerome Hooks was stopped at the intersection and heard the mother screaming for her child. He immediately jumped into action.

"I needed to catch that car before they got away. I did all I could," Hooks said. "When I did see him, the guy was jumping out of the car and into the gray car."

Police said the men were hanging out at the gas station looking for an easy target when they saw the mother get out of her car and leave it running with the keys inside.

"People are watching you and watching what you're doing," KCKPD Officer Thomas Tomasic said. "If you are going to leave your car in the parking lot running, it's a good chance it will be taken."

It's a lesson Linda Jones learned the hard way. She said she's thankful that her daughter and granddaughter are safe.

"She's doing fine. She doesn't know what's going on," Jones said of the child.

Police are searching for three to four white males between the ages of 20-30. Authorities say a light color Buick Lesabre with Missouri plates may be involved.

Anyone with information is asked to call the TIPS Hotline, 816-474-TIPS.

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