Chief Forte details plan to fix problems on the Plaza

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte outlined a new plan to fix issues on the Plaza Tuesday.

In the next few weeks, Chief Forte will meet with major stakeholders to fix problems regarding teens on the Plaza after three were arrested during a disturbance over the weekend.

Forte plans to meet with Highwoods Properties which manages the Plaza as well as the Urban League and area pastors.

He said until now, they’ve been taking teens who get in trouble home, but now they’ll make parents come and get them. He also shot down claims that the department targets teens on the Plaza based on their race.

"We get a lot of pressure and some problems from people because they thinking the police are targeting these people because who they are and their race and things like that, we're targeting people because they are misbehaving," he said.

Chief Forte also said he plans to put more cameras and more law enforcement on the Plaza to catch the handful of teens ruining it for the rest.

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