Highway shootings suspect in custody, search warrant served at home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police have taken a suspect into custody regarding the string of highway shootings across the metro. No charges have been filed yet.

Chief Forte tweeted the information out Thursday evening.

Police delivered a search warrant at the suspect's home in Grandview, which is around 150 feet from 71 Highway.

Kevin Cooksey lives across an alley from the suspect and watched the arrest from his window after noticing the parking lot near their homes seemed suspiciously full.

He described at least 30 police, mostly in plain clothes, surrounding, tackling and subduing the suspect in his back yard.

"He couldn't go nowhere (sic) because he was surrounded. Completely surrounded," Cooksey said. "They were on him. As soon as it happened, they were on him."

Cooksey said some officers then battered open the suspect's back door, while others searched his car, a dark green Dodge Neon matching the description of a green, older-model sedan given by several shooting victims. Police later towed the vehicle away from the home.

Cooksey, who works nights, said he had never spoken to the suspect, but did make note of the car on occasion. He said the suspect seemed to keep odd hours and occasionally sat outside in the car.

"I see the car coming in weird times. Weird times. He parks the car at night some times when I'm leaving and sits," Cooksey said. 

The alleged suspect was brought into police headquarters in downtown Kansas City. The suspect's name won't be released until charges have been filed.

Chief Forte said in a brief statement Thursday night that the investigation is ongoing and thanked local law enforcement for their help.

"We wanted to make sure the residents and those that travel through Kansas City know that they're safe and they've been safe the whole time," Chief Forte said as he mentioned marked and unmarked police cars along the highway.

He also praised the community for contributing more than 125 tips and urged them to help in not just the Highway Shootings investigation, but others too. 

"Without the people in this community, we wouldn't be where we are and I'm asking the community to continue to do that not just on a case like this, but step up. It would be a lot better place if people would step up like they did in the last two weeks," Chief Forte said.

A more formal news conference is planned for Friday.

This is a developing story and will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

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