Chief investigator opens up about Randy Stone murder

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Since day one, the investigation into Randy Stone's death pointed to Pastor David Love because of his affair with Teresa Stone, Randy's wife.

"I think it's the worst-kept secret in the church," said the chief investigator on the case, Det. Keith Rosewaren.

He said that within 24 hours, people came forward with rumors of the relationship, but Teresa Stone wouldn't admit she was involved in her husband's murder for weeks.

"Teresa did not just grow a conscience, you know, overnight. It was the hard work by our investigators," he explained.

She suddenly changed her tune when investigators showed their cards - a mountain of mistakes made by Teresa and Love caught after hours of pouring over evidence.

"We realized David had been in town at the approximate time of the homicide, and then we learned that he drove to Liberty to deposit a $100 check in the bank which made absolutely no sense," said Rosewaren.

Then, thumbing through thousands of personal phone records, police discovered the prepaid phones Teresa and Love had been using to communicate. They then found that the one belonging to Love had pinged mere miles from Randy Stone's office at the day and time of the murder.

That was the proof police needed to put Love in the area of the crime scene.

But of all the sordid details of this case, this detective will remember the multiple people who became victims because of Randy Stone's murder.

"I'm gonna remember just what a senseless tragedy this was and how...both of these families were just turned completely upside down," Rosewaren said. "It was all for nothing but selfishness of two people, and it was so unnecessary."

To read police evidence that put David Love at Randy Stone's office the day and time of the murder, go here:

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