Chiefs security, KCPD, taser fan after he runs onto field during game

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Not only did Chiefs fans have to endure a 30 point loss to the Seattle Seahawks Friday evening, they also had to endure a pretty wild arrest. A man was tackled and tasered after storming the field.

The spectator jumped the railing and then landed on the field. He was on the turf for mere moments before being greeted by Chiefs security and Kansas City Police officers.

When the man refused to cooperate, police tasered him. Finally, with two hands behind his back, police were able to put handcuffs on the man and lead him out of the stadium.

The man left the field with a bloody nose but looked virtually un-phased. Fans in that area of the stadium even cheered him on.

This behavior, running onto the field at Arrowhead Stadium, is specifically prohibited in the club's code of conduct. The Chiefs public relations office told KSHB on Saturday that fan safety is their top priority.

According to the Chiefs Fan Code of Conduct , available at , any fan feeling uncomfortable or put in danger by anybody else in the stadium should text 41513. In the body, type ‘Chiefs', followed by a space, followed by your location and issue.

A 27 year ticket holder told 41 Action News he always keeps an eye on his surroundings inside Arrowhead Stadium because he knows not everyone is making the smartest decisions. "Alcohol, and hot weather and poor performance on the field: those are the things that go together to make people act goofy, make them go crazy," explained Rich Sophir.

In his mind, there is no better place to be on a Sunday afternoon. So, Sophir chooses to be proactive. "So, if I hear something or see something or smell something that isn't quite right, I'm going to be the first one talking to security," he added.

KSHB has requested a copy of the police report from the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department.  However, it was unavailable on Saturday.

The Chiefs refused to comment about the incident itself or their safety measures.

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