Police video | Man who confessed to murdering prostitutes said he had compulsion to kill

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Before committing suicide, Derek Richardson told detectives he killed at least one other person and wouldn't have stopped if he hadn't been captured.

Richardson was accused of murdering two local prostitutes, Tamara Sparks and Nicoleone Reed. In newly-released police interview videos, he described their murders in detail after detectives told them they found his shoe at the scene.

The women were both found dead in the Northland with bleach poured on their bodies.

Richardson told detectives there would have been more victims because of his compulsion to kill, and that there has been another. 

In the interview, he also described killing a jogger in Columbia, Mo., years ago. He said he was riding his bike on the Katy Trail when he spotted the woman. When detectives asked if he knew he wanted to kill her right away, he replied, "That's kind of why I went a minute or so to make sure no one was coming the other way."

Then he told detectives he turned back around and rode past her again, stopping ahead of her and pretending to get off his bike to tie his shoe.

"I could hear her and see her, and so I stood up as she was coming and then you," he said as he motioned grabbing her to his side. "I just kind of snapped around."

Police say they did investigate his claims with local authorities in Columbia and Boone County but nothing matched up with any missing persons reports they had.

Richardson tried to commit suicide in April and died soon after.

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