Convicted rapist sentenced to 137 years in prison for Northland attack

PLATTE CITY, Mo. - A Platte County judge sentenced a convicted rapist to 137 years in prison for a 2011 attack on a woman in the Northland.

Stephen Lockhart, 22, of Kansas City, found his victim sitting outside her apartment just after midnight April 20, in the 3700 block of North Walrond Avenue in Kansas City, according to a news release from the Platte County Prosecutor's Office.

Lockhart forced the woman into his car and drove around the city before stopping near a Northland park.

He raped the woman twice and threatened to kill her if she continued to cry, according to the news release.

Lockhart dragged the woman from the car by a belt around her neck, choked and beat her.

She passed out and woke up to Lockhart pulling away in his car.

The woman walked naked for about two miles to get help, according to the news release.

Another woman told the court during Lockhart's sentencing that he had raped her in March 2011.

"The jury heard evidence that this man committed two brutal rapes over a six-week period,'' Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd stated in the news release. "It is good that he will be taken off the streets for what should well be the rest of his life.''

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