Cops: Lee's Summit man pulls shotgun on Taco Bell employees who forgot hot sauce

LEE'S SUMMIT, Missouri - A man armed with a shotgun bought at a drug house used that weapon to threaten a Taco Bell employee over a lack of hot sauce for his tacos, according to a complaint filed in federal court in Kansas City.

Convicted felon Jeremy Combs told police he ordered several items late Saturday night from the drive-thru at a Taco Bell at 615 N.W. Libby Lane in Lee's Summit.

Combs got home and found his order did not include hot sauce, according to the complaint. He got back in his pickup truck and drove back to the restaurant.

Combs told police he did threaten the employee, but with a tire iron and not a shotgun.

The employee told officers Combs was drunk and reached for a 12-gauge shotgun in the seat with shells on the side, according to the criminal complaint.

He told officers when he saw the gun he ran from the drive-thru window.

Police found Combs about 90 minutes after the incident at his Lee's Summit house.

He refused to let police search the house and police arrested him.

Officers searched the house the next night and found a Mosberg Model 500A, 12-gauge shotgun under the mattress in Comb's room.

They also found clothes Combs wore the night of the incident, according to the complaint.

A check of Combs criminal history showed 14 felony arrests and at least two felony convictions for assault and armed criminal action.

He faces 10 years in federal prison and fines of up to $250,000 if convicted. 

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