Crossroads wants drivers to move their junk into the trunk

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City's popular Crossroads Arts District has a strange-sounding request for visitors. The community association wants people to move their "junk" into their trunks.

Like many neighborhoods, there have been dozens of reported thefts out of cars parked in the Crossroads over the past six months. Neighborhood leaders want to stop it from getting worse.

"One of the interesting things that happens with success is, we get a lot of people to come down here and some people come on their way home from work and they leave their stuff in the car," Crossroads Community Association President Suzie Aron said.

The neighborhood is starting a new campaign called "Put Your Junk in Your Trunk." The concept is simple. Don't leave any valuables sitting in the front seat where they can be seen by thieves.

Drew Loboda, co-CEO and president of Kendal King Group, said the Crossroads has come a long way both physically and in perceptions.

"When we get people that are looking to join us, (they) really enjoy the fact that we are in the Crossroads," Loboda said.

He hopes this effort can keep the good momentum moving.

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