Day two of Hereford House arson trial reveals new evidence

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Day two of the arson trial against an owner of Kansas City's Hereford House brought piles of evidence, explosive details and shocking witnesses.

Owner Rod Anderson is on trial with Vince Pisciotta and Mark Sorrentino – the three suspected of conspiring to burn down the building. Attorneys said on Tuesday that after releasing surveillance video of the suspects in the arson case to the media, defendant Mark Sorrentino's wife called and gave them information about the crime in exchange for reward money.

Attorneys submitted warped and melted jugs pulled from the fire as evidence. Prosecutors said Vince Pisciotta and Mark Sorrentino put 14 jugs filled with gasoline in the restaurant to explode the night of the arson, but officials admitted to finding no DNA or fingerprints.

Defense attorneys for Pisciotta and Sorrentino badgered ATF agents about the quality of the surveillance video saying it is jerky, dark, and grainy and leaves no way to positively identify anyone.

At one point, the judge had to say, "I think we have beaten this horse to death."

More witnesses are expected when the trial resumes on Wednesday. Attorneys expected 40 witnesses over the course of the trial. They also expected to reveal more than 600 pieces of evidence. 

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