Police: Three dead in Clay County murder-suicide

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. - Police believe the three bodies found in a Clay County home Monday were the result of a murder-suicide.

A family friend called police to the home in the 19000 block of Neth Road after she saw a body and blood through a window at the back door.

Deputies found the bodies of a married couple and a 14-year-old boy when the arrived. The woman and the boy were cousins, and the couple was his legal guardian, according to police.

"It's another Christmas tragedy," Sheriff Bob Boydston said. "Our thoughts go out to to the family."

Police said it appears the man shot his wife in their bedroom and the teen in his room before shooting himself in the kitchen. It was not clear if the woman or the boy was shot first.

"The weapon that we believe was used in the killing was found very close to the middle-aged man who resides at that location," Boydston said. "There were no weapons found near the other two bodies."

Police believe the incident happened either Thursday or Friday, as the boy was absent from school both days.

Robert Wilcox has lived across the street for 27 years and knew all three people involved.

"This world's kind of nuts," Wilcox said has he held back tears. "I personally think it has to do with the politics and the economy and all the stuff that's going on. I think it all kind of comes together."

Authorities found more than 10 guns inside the home, including handguns, long guns and semi-automatic weapons. It was not immediately clear which weapon or weapons were used in the crime, but police say they were all owned legally.

Deputies have not released the names of the people involved because family members are still being notified.

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