Family of south KC shooting victims Darrel Hurst, Lorene Hurst remember their loved ones

Darrel Hurst had been married for 40 years

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many people are starting the process to understand what occurred in a south Kansas City cul-de-sac on Tuesday. But for the families of the three victims, comprehension is hard to come by.

As she stood with her family, Kathy Hurst's husband and mother-in-law were missing. Prosecutors say both gunned down by Brandon Howell.

"We're very happy the monster was caught, but he has taken something from us that we will never get back," Hurst said.

Early Tuesday afternoon, Hurst and her high school sweetheart, Darrel, had lunch. An hour later, Darrel went to visit his mother Lorene as he would every day, his wife said.

But in an instant they were gone.

"Most people have bad things to say about (their) mother-in-law,” Kathy Hurst said. “Mine was a saint.”

"Everything about her, everything about her… she was sharp. It's one that if you live that old, you would love to be like her," said neighbor Mildred Jenkins.

A day later, neighbors are remembering the Hursts and the other victim, Susan Choucroun.
She was killed as she came out of her house to check on the commotion next door.

Chourcoun spent many of her 69 years on this earth championing for social justice. Above all she was devoted to her faith.

"Any kind of tragedy you hate see happen to anybody, but especially when it’s somebody close to you… (she) was such a good person. We're really really torn up about this," said Rabbi Scott White of the congregation Ohev Shalom in Prairie Village.

As emotional healing begins for two families, they are looking forward to justice.

"My husband and my mother-in-law, I said, ‘they came into this world together.’ My husband did with his mom and they left together, so maybe if their death means something, he will be put away forever," Hurst said.

Darrel and Kathy were married for 40 years. He is survived by his 2 kids and two grandchildren.

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