FBI assists Springfield police in Owens' abduction

KANSAS CITY, Mo - More than a dozen agents with the FBI’s evidence response team spent Wednesday helping Springfield police process the crime scene where the body of 10-year-old Hailey Owens was found.

FBI Director James Comey explained the bureau's efforts while visiting the Kansas City field office. He was briefed on the situation overnight and said the bureau in this particular case wasn't called upon, but they volunteered.

"I expect, and I know that it happens every day, all of my leaders to immediately reach out and say ‘What can we offer you? We have technology, we have training, we have people. How can we help?’ Sometimes we're not needed but we always want to make that offer," Comey said.

The FBI also offered to send one of their "child abduction rapid deployment" teams also known as “CARD." They can help local and state law enforcement at a critical time within the few of hours following abduction.

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