Grandview woman pleads guilty in death of 3-month-old boy

Doctors said baby was shaken, abused

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Grandview woman has pleaded guilty to second degree murder charges after a 3-month-old baby died in her care.

Sonya Perry, 31, was charged in January 2013  for the death of Stephon McCoy.

Perry was a close friend of Stephon’s mother, Ashley Johnson, and asked to watch him for a few hours while Johnson was out of town.

Court documents said Perry later insisted on keeping the child overnight. Johnson said she got a phone call from the hospital the next morning.

"They said that he was shaken, and it caused his brain to swell and bleed and he choked on the blood," Johnson said back in January 2013. She said the doctors suspected child abuse based on bruises found on Stephon's tiny body.

He was taken off life-support three days later.

Perry's sentencing will be June 5.

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