He even took the toilet paper: Sean Johnson convicted in Leavenworth burglary

LEAVENWORTH, Kan. - A Leavenworth County jury convicted a man this week on charges related to a burglary in which he stole everything from electronics to the toilet paper.

Sean Johnson, 40, of Leavenworth, Kan., was found guilty of residential burglary and theft.

According to prosecuting attorney Todd Thompson, officers investigating the February burglary on North 10th Street in Leavenworth were called to Johnson's home on the day of the burglary and found the stolen items, including the toilet paper.

Johnson offered up several excuses as to why the stolen property was in his residence, Thompson told authorities at least three excuses including that someone had planted it there, that he had purchased it from someone else and that someone had emptied their bookbag at his house.

He also said if he needed those items, he wouldn't have burglarized the house, but he would have simply gone "up to their face" and taken it.

Other items reported stolen in the burglary that were found at Johnson's home were a Blu-Ray player, a Nintendo Wii, jewelry, medicine, checks, and some food.

A co-defendant testified to participating in the crime with Johnson, who is serving 32 months for a previous conviction on an attempted aggravated burglary.

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