Johnson County woman recalls being shot at on highway

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - There have been 13 shootings along Kansas City area highways and police said Tuesday, several of them were connected.

Now, police are investigating another shooting after a Johnson County woman said someone shot her car on 71 Highway last Friday. Right now there’s one thing Jennie Baugher doesn’t want to do.

“I don't really want to drive on the highway,” she said.

After picking up her daughter’s friend, Timothy Whitaker, last Friday, they headed south on 71 Highway near 75th Street.

"I heard a big noise that sounded like a rock hit my car and didn't give it much though until the next day when my husband noticed the hole in the car," Baugher said.

The hole was located near the gas tank on the back passengers' side. Inside of the hole was a bullet.

"Luckily it just happened to be the right rate of speed and the velocity and everything that it didn't come into the car and no one was hurt,” she said.

Police removed the bullet from the side of the car Tuesday to see if it was connected to other recent highway shootings. While the bullet is out of the car, those who were in the car want answers.

"You want to feel safe driving down the highway so it would be nice to know whose doing that and get that stopped," Whitaker said.

Baugher filled a police report and are waiting for Kansas City police to complete their investigation.

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