Jury finds father guilty of killing his five-month-old daughter

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. - Moreno Salinas allegedly told his cousin he wanted his baby daughter dead.

Salinas made that happen by throwing the then four-month-old child on bed, hanging her upside down and squeezing the air from her chest, Salinas' cousin told police.

Prosecutors charged Salinas with murder two years ago. On Friday, a Cass County jury found Salinas guilty of the killing.

The murder happened at a home in Peculiar, Mo., where the baby lived with her mother, grandparents and two other children, according to a court document.

Salinas did not live at the house with the baby, but stayed there on weekends.

The baby was taken to Children's Mercy Hospital on April 20, 2010, after she threw up, had a seizure and turned blue.

She was pronounced dead two days later -- the same day she turned five months old.

Prosecutors also charged Salinas' cousin, Allen Green, in the case.

His trial is set for March 2013.

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