Kansas City business a double target for catalytic converter theft

More thieves targeting what's underneath your car

North Kansas City,MO - For workers at Office Essentials, getting every package sent on time is crucial. Businesses around Kansas City depend on them.

"If the orders that were entered yesterday, we deliver today," Dewayne Bear said, who works at the Office Essentials in North Kansas City.

Except on Monday morning, things didn't quite get off to the right start.

"When our drivers started to load the trucks this morning, he goes out to start it prior to loading and when he turned the key, we had the noise," Bear said.

The noise he's referring to sounds more like a motorcycle and less like a truck.

However, Bear knew exactly what the problem was-- a missing catalytic converter.

"Basically it happened about nine months ago, the same situation," he said.

Once again, they'll have to double up shifts to make up for one less truck and that isn't the least of their concerns.

The catalytic converter serves as a filter for your vehicles emissions. Although your car will still work without it, it will be releasing even more exhaust into the air, so mechanics encourage motorists to get it immediately fixed.

"This is one of those things that's happening more and more. Our church just recently in the past months, we've got a 25 passenger bus and it had the catalytic converter cut of it," Ted Phillips of Northtown Auto said.

North Kansas City Police said they expect more of these thefts around the holidays since it only takes a few minutes to snap the converter off. 

They can get around $15 a piece for it a scrap metal center. You'll be left with a hole underneath your car and in your wallet since it could cost you hundreds of dollars to replace.

Bear told police and hopes that'll be enough to end his company's theft streak.

"I hope third times not the charm," he said.

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