Lansing escapees trashed Clinton County home, ate frozen burritos

EDGERTON, Mo. - A family narrowly avoided two escaped prisoners pulling a Goldilocks scenario in their Clinton County home on Friday.

The Burke family wasn't home when the two escapees, 49-year-old Scott Gilbert and 31-year-old Allen Hurst, barricaded themselves inside the house in Edgerton after walking away from Lansing Correctional Facility that morning.

While both men were apprehended after a six-hour standoff, homeowner Gary Burke said they got off easy.

"If my wife could have gotten her hands on them, the cops wouldn't have had to worry about them," Burke said.

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Burke and his wife were buying hummingbird feed in St. Joseph when the escapees broke in. He said the men left a mess in the home.

"My wife is in there cleaning," he said. "(They) broke our back patio door out, and they turned the basement upside down."

He said the retaining wall and the outside wood furnace were wrecked during the standoff, and the escapees used a lot of chewing tobacco inside. They also helped themselves to some food.

"We had stuff in the freezer downstairs, and they looked like they ate it without cooking it. They had some burritos," he said.

Burke is an avid gun collector, but he told 41 Action News all his guns were locked up in a safe, and the inmates never touched them. 

Despite the mess, he said he knows it could've been a lot worse.

"We are just thankful that nobody was here," Burke said.

Platte County prosecutor Eric Zahnd announced 12 felony charges against each of the two men Saturday.

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