Lenexa police and local mechanics have a new way to discourage catalytic converter thefts

LENEXA, Kan. - Lenexa, Kansas has a new identification program to combat the growing number of catalytic converter thefts.

The anti-theft ID program is a new initiative to get all Lenexa residents to have their name and license plate number etched onto the catalytic converter under their car. 

Williams Automotive, Charlie's Break and Muffler Shop and Autopia will do the engraving free of charge. Shore Tire in Lenexa will provide the engraving for a small fee or at no cost, if it's done in conjunction with other services.

Since January 1, 2014 Lenexa police have taken 18 reports of catalytic converter thefts, totaling approximately $10,000 in property loss.

"Having the business name and license plate number on the catalytic converter will help us know that the item was stolen if we find someone with catalytic converters,” said Dan Friesen, spokesperson for the Lenexa Police Department.

"Until now, we've never been able to prove that the catalytic converters were stolen and who the owner is," Friesen added.

After the name and license plate number is etched onto the catalytic converter, a special paint is applied on top of it. The paints prevent someone from removing the numbers.

O'Reilly Auto Parts and Westlake Ace Hardware are paying for the special paint.

Lenexa police say a similar catalytic converter identification program in California has been successful.

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