Man charged with assault 2nd degree in shooting that wounded 4-year-old boy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City man faces charges for assault in the 2nd degree in connection with a shooting that wounded a 4-year-old boy on Monday .

According to the press release, Delaney R. Singleton, 22, told police he was trying to clear a gun and it went off.

Court records show a witness at an apartment in the 6000 block of Blue Hills Road said he heard what he thoughts was fireworks when Singleton said, “I don’t know, it fell on the floor and went off.”

Police found a bullet hole that went through an interior bathroom door and into a bedroom where the boy was, according to the press release.

The bullet hit the boy in the back and remained in his abdominal area. The victim was admitted to the hospital and was in critical but stable conditions, according to court records.   

Prosecutors requested a $50,000 along with special conditions for the defendant: not owning or possessing any firearm, no firearm in the defendant’s residence and drug testing.

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