Man charged with dogfighting connected to dog attack from 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A northland woman says her puppies are lucky to be alive after getting viciously attacked by one of Pete Davis Jr.'s pit bulls.

Davis and Melvin Robinson face federal charges of transporting animals for fighting. A three-state bust rescued 71 dogs from Davis and Robinson's alleged dogfighting ring.

On Labor Day weekend in 2011, Brandi Oude Alink said she, her 8-year-old daughter, Alex, and their two miniature pinchers, Peanut and Pixy, went on a walk through their neighborhood.

Davis lives just a few blocks away, and as Brandi passed his street, one of his pit bulls charged at them.

"It started coming right at us," Alex wrote in her journal. "It started swinging Peanut around by her broken leg."

Brandi said Peanut became the pit bull's chew toy, so she wrestled her eight pound pet from the dog's jaws.

"I got her away and flung her over the fence," Brandi said. "I can't just stand here and let this dog kill my puppies in front of my daughter."

Brandi said the pit bull then grabbed Pixy by the head and violently shook the dog back and forth.

It took nearly a half dozen neighbors to break up the attack and hold the pitbull down until law enforcement arrived.

Brandi took Davis to court, where he was forced to pay for the dogs' $800 vet bills. Pixy needed staples on her neck from bite marks. Peanut needed surgery on his jaw.

The dogs have recovered, and Brandi says she is thankful Davis has been charged.

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