Parents of a teenage murder victim pleased with criminal charges

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man is charged in the March 2012 killing of a teenage girl outside a Kansas City apartment.

Prosecutors filed second degree murder and armed criminal action charges against Christopher Sherman, 19, of Kansas City.

Sherman allegedly shot and killed Jalisa Reed, 16, outside an apartment March 16 in the 7600 block of Monroe Avenue. Reed was there visiting her Aunt and did not know her alleged shooter.

Sherman is not in custody yet. Reed's parents are pleased that a suspect has been identified; but they also know the court case will be a long and emotional experience for them.

Norrisha and Robert Reed, of Kansas City, Kan., got the news on New Year's Eve that a suspect has been charged in the case. 

"I'm relieved, happy, and sad," Norrisha said. "So many emotions are running through me right now; I know it's going to be a long road ahead."

"I do want justice, but even if he is convicted it doesn't bring back my daughter," Robert said.

The Reeds said that there are good days and bad days. They miss their daughter and are sad to know that she is gone. But, they find comfort in their faith.

"When we are down, our faith gives us hope," Norrisha said. "We start remembering the good times and the 16 years that we did have our daughter."

The Reeds are comforted by their daughters' classmates and church friends who call them and send cards, pictures and bring gifts in their daughter's memory.

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