Men claiming to be with utility company invade OP home

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Neighbors in the 5300 block of Hardy Street were shaken-up after an afternoon home invasion in their north Overland Park neighborhood.

"Just the idea that we're not safe is disturbing," neighbor Dave Bruce said.

Two men dressed as utility workers wearing jeans, orange vests and hardhats walked up to a house and told the elderly lady who lives there that they needed to do some work in her home.

After forcing themselves inside, they tied her up and began to rob her. The woman said the men yanked the phone cord from the wall and told her not to call police.

"You don't think at 4:30 in the afternoon someone's going to come in and pull a ruse like that, it's just scary. Really scary," Bruce said.

Police say the two men left in an unmarked white pickup truck and the victim, while still tied up, was able to make her way to the phone and call police.

It's not clear what exactly the men stole, but the lady wasn't hurt.

Still, she and her neighbors remain on alert.

"You don't want to be scared all the time, but at the same time you got to be vigilant," Bruce said.

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