Metropolitan Community College student sexually assaulted by man with knife, police say

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police continue to investigate after a Metropolitan Community College student was sexually assaulted at the Maple Woods campus by a man with a knife on Monday night.

Campus police said the attack occurred around 7:30 p.m. outside the Learning Resources Center. An emergency alert was sent out by 8 p.m.

Freshman Sara Lemunyon is one of 5,800 students to receive multiple alerts from the school. The messages tell students to be prepared to defend themselves, and Lemunyon is listening.

"I was actually carrying my keys in between my fingers, just in case," she explained.

MCC Associate Vice Chancellor Tom Vansaghi said the school has plenty of security measures in place, from officers to emergency phones to cameras and lighting.

"We also offer escorts for any student at any time," Vansaghi said.

He said MCC has put an increased focus on safety since a stabbing at the Penn Valley campus in 2010.

"I think in terms of our security and the police, I think we've got pretty much everything in place that we can within reason," he said.

The attack has made some students uneasy.

"I always thought Maple was a secure place that I always felt comfortable with, but now I definitely think twice about that," sophomore Breanna Probst said.

Campus police have just a vague description of the man suspected in the attack. He is described as wearing blue jeans, white Nike shoes and carrying a knife. Anyone with information should call MCC campus police.

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