Mom has renewed hope in son's murder case

KANSAS CITY, Mo - An Independence mother has renewed hope in finding her son's killer after recent talks with detectives.

Corey Laykovich's mother has increased the reward fund again for tips that lead to an arrest.

Michelle Metje has spent the last 10 months raising reward money through fundraisers, book sales and her own contributions. This is her second time increasing the reward amount.

"Right now its at $8,000. It's not enough to pay for a brand new car, but enough to buy a nice used car," Metje said.

Metje's son, 22-year-old Laykovich, was fatally stabbed in Independence last July. Metje says a botched robbery attempt ended her son's life. She believes someone in the neighborhood is to blame.

"That makes me believe someone in my neighborhood probably did," she said.

She also believes someone in her neighborhood has the tip police need to make an arrest.

Every week she talks with the detectives working her son's case.

"There is evidence at the crime lab and I do have a great amount of hope that this is going to be resolved," Metje said.

It's a resolution she hopes will come a little faster with a larger reward fund. She will continue raising money and contributing to the fund until her son's killer is found.

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