Mom of another little girl hit by a stray bullet hopes for tougher laws

Three years after being shot in the head

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Katherine Cook was only 5 years old when she was playing in the backyard of her Linwood, Kansas home and somehow a bullet struck her in the head.

Doctors told her family with the amount of brain swelling, there was no way she was going to survive. But Katherine did survive and now the 8-year-old is in first grade.

She told us jokes about her six other brothers and sisters. Her mother said she's grateful she held on to her personality.

"She is a miracle. She is still with us and still very much the sweet little girl that she was," said her mom JoAnne Cook.

Katherine has about 15 medical therapists who help with everything from how her brain functions to muscle spasms.

"She lost mobility in her left arm and leg, vision loss and her insulin and thyroid have some issues," said Cook.

Hearing that another little girl, Blair Shanahan Lane, was hit by a stray bullet was tough for Cook.

"My heart goes out to this family - because I know too well, their journey is different because they lost their daughter but I know too well the pain," said Cook.

In Katherine's case no one was ever prosecuted.

Blair's case is a little different. Police said they have the gun and have spoken to four possible suspects who admit to firing the gun up in the air the night that Blair was shot.

But David Langston of Langston Law Chartered said stray bullet cases are always tough to prove.

"Here we have narrowed down where the bullet came from, we just don't know who the shooter was so it's a difficult case for the prosecutor because we don't know which person shot the fatal shot," said Langston.

Blair's family is now pushing for tougher laws in Missouri. They would like to see a law that makes it a felony to randomly shoot a gun off.

Cook said she too wants protection for little girls.

"Yeah for them for leaving something great behind to celebrate her and that's what we wanted with Katherine's situation, to make her life happy and better," said Cook.

In Blair's case, prosecutors said they are looking at the details and deciding if and when they will file charges.

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