More than 12 cars vandalized in the Northland

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than a dozen cars were vandalized early Wednesday morning in the Northland.

When Jessie March woke up, she came to find the windows of her Mercury Mariner shattered.

"The back window just had a big hole but the other window was completely gone," March said.

She's one of 13 people who had their car windows busted early Wednesday morning.

"I spent all morning cleaning it out, trying to deal with it, trying to get it fixed," March said.

Since last month, vandals have struck several neighborhoods across the Northland. According to law enforcement, this latest round of incidents brings the total of damaged cars to more than 100.

But Wednesday morning, surveillance cameras recorded this footage of the vandals. They work quick, busting windows within seconds. In all instances the vandals never take anything out of the cars.

Since it's not enough for March's insurance to cover the damage, the recent college graduate will now have to pay $300 to get new windows.

"All actions have consequences and I wish they could be the ones paying for it and not me," March said.

If you have any information regarding these acts of vandalism, call police or Crimestoppers at 816-474-TIPS. 

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