Multi-million dollar crime ring busted near KC school

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two men, one an illegal immigrant, were charged with drug trafficking after 22 pounds of methamphetamine were confiscated from a residence in the 4400 block of Sterling on Tuesday.

Valdemar Rivera-Madrigal, 21, of Kansas City and Cesar Omar Rivera-Valencia, 24, of Montebello, Calif., were arrested Tuesday morning. A 16-year-old at the home was turned over to juvenile authorities.

The Jackson County Drug Task Force and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department seized the methamphetamine with a street value of $2 million from a car parked in the garage of a house that sits 500 feet from Northwood Elementary School. 

The Drug Task Force believed the home functioned as a drug stash house. They had been watching the area for the last couple of months after they received an anonymous tip concerning suspicious activity.

"This is a major blow for the methamphetamine supply in Jackson County and the Kansas City metro area," David Cummings said, officer with the Jackson County Task Force. "When you take $2 million off the streets in one swoop, you put a huge dent in it."

Cummings said they believe the individuals were high-level drug traffickers and believe the drugs came from Mexico based on their packaging.

Neighbors were home at the time of the raid and were surprised to hear about what police discovered.

“It concerns me because you just know there’s stuff going on that shouldn't be. The police always come every time and they tell us what's going on so we're aware of what’s going on out here,” Doris Budenbender said. “I'm still going to be right on top of watching. I’m not going to quit watching.”  

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