Murder suspect caught after brief escape in KCK, security under review

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A prisoner charged with two counts of murder briefly escaped custody on Wednesday, leading police on a nearly-naked foot chase through a Kansas City, Kan., neighborhood after attacking a sheriff's deputy.

The suspect, whom police are not naming until his is charged in this incident, attacked the deputy guarding him as she was escorting a group of prisoners back to their cells. A police spokesperson said a fight ensued, and the deputy fired her taser but missed the suspect, who managed to overcome her and escape from the court annex building wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and shoes.

After a brief chase through the surrounding neighborhood, police managed to corner the suspect in a parking garage at the corner of 6th street and State Avenue. According to a police officer who witnessed the chase, the suspect jumped from the top of the garage, a height of more than 20 feet, and landed in a grassy patch at street level, where he was detained again by police. He remains in the hospital tonight, a Sheriff's department spokesperson said, with injuries sustained during the pursuit.

The deputy who was assaulted was treated and released at an area hospital on Wednesday night with only minor injuries. She remains on medical leave.

Sheriff's department spokesperson Lt. Kelli Bailiff told 41 Action News such escapes are extremely rare, with none occurring in 2012, despite the court moving more than 7,000 prisoners in a similar fashion. She said the department would interview the deputy involved in the incident and review security procedures to prevent future escape attempts.

"We're going to be slow about that process. We really want to hear from that deputy about exactly what happened, and its not something that will happen tomorrow, but I think its something that we need to talk to everybody in that court transport division, we need to get everybody's opinion and their thoughts and what problems they see on a day to day basis," Bailiff said.

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