Neighbors shocked highway shooting suspect lived next door

GRANDVIEW, Mo. - Neighbors of Mohammed Whitaker, the man charged with 18 felony counts tied to a rash of highway shootings in the metro, were shocked to hear the suspect lived right next door.

Whitaker lived in a four-unit townhome in Grandview, Mo.

John Redmond lived right above Whitaker and was shocked to hear the man police have been actively searching for lived just feet away from where he sleeps.

"You hear about in this kind of situation so many times when people go 'I didn't realize. I had no idea,' and you just live your life," Redmond said. "You look back and you think, ‘Wow that's pretty bizarre that they were that close that entire time.’ He'd drive right by my window every time he'd go in or out."

Since the search began 12 days ago, neighbor Michael Moseley has been wondering who the shooter was but never thought he'd live under the same roof.

"It's scary knowing that somebody allegedly has done these horrible things to people and lives right underneath," Moseley said.

None of the neighbors knew Whitaker personally and said he moved in only two weeks ago.

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