Platte County woman hospitalized after gruesome stabbing

Brother believes ex-boyfriend is responsible

FERRELVIEW, Mo. - Neighbors of 21-year-old Brittany Costello said it was a brutal attack.

A man living across the hall said he heard Brittany Costello's cries for help around 3:30 Monday morning. He opened the door to find Brittany Costello laying half naked in a pool of blood with a major stab wound across her lower abdomen. Neighbors tried to comfort Brittany Costello as they waited for an ambulance.

"She's on respirators, she's on wires and all that," said Brittany Costello's brother, Anthony Costello.

Anthony lives one floor below Brittany Costello at the Unicorn Apartments in Ferrelview. He can't understand why anyone would want to hurt his younger sister.

"Really special person. Really special and she's kind, she helps me out. She takes care of me for right now," said Anthony Costello.

While authorities won't release any suspect information and no arrests have been made, Anthony believes a former live-in boyfriend is responsible.

"They broke up. He has a really bad temper," said Anthony Costello.

NBC Action News is not releasing the man's name, but Platte County records show on Dec. 21, Brittany Costello filed a restraining order against the 22-year-old man, saying he punched her, threatened to hit her and pulled out a knife.

"I'm really upset because this is not right," said Anthony Costello.

The Platte County Sheriff's Office has interviewed a person of interest, but will not release any names.

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