Police arrest man suspected of stealing thousands of dollars of property from across the metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City police have arrested a man suspected of stealing thousands of dollars worth of property from all across the metro.

Officers found 25-year-old Christopher Olcott Tuesday evening after he crashed a stolen red Toyota Tundra in a parking lot near 135th Street and Stateline Road.

Sgt. Rod Gentry says the truck was reported stolen on Nov. 29, and the trailer it was towing was reported stolen on Thursday.

"Inside the truck we found stolen car keys, credit cards, narcotics, tools and electronics," Gentry said. "He's probably been involved with countless crimes that we probably don't even know about yet."

Gentry said Olcott was wearing a reflective vest and had installed a yellow utility light to the top of the truck to make it seem like he was a service worker.

"When they see that, people may dismiss him or let their guard down more," Gentry said.

Earlier Tuesday morning, Don Gilkinson was getting out of the shower when he looked out his window and saw the red truck driving through his neighbor's yard towards his home.

Gilkinson said a man, who was later identified as Olcott, parked the truck on his driveway and checked to see if the front door was unlocked.

"I started to dry myself off, and I was watching him this whole time," Gilkinson said. "I thought he was a meter reader for the first three or four minutes."

Olcott tried leaving, but Gilkinson has a $7,000 magnetic gate at the end of his driveway.

"I put the gate in two years ago because we had been robbed three times before," Gilkinson said.

Olcott got out of his truck and tried to push the gate open but was unable to, Gilkinson said.

"He pulls forward right up to the gate, gets out, gets to the passenger side and gets a chain out and starts hooking it around my gate," Gilkinson said. "I wasn't about to let him destroy my gate."

Gilkinson ran outside and confronted Olcott. Gilkinson said Olcott backed the truck up and drove through the yard back to the neighbor's driveway and fled and the area. He was arrested about six hours later.

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